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    MW2 | Private Match MiniGames

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    MW2 | Private Match MiniGames

    Post  ViralGFX on Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:50 pm

    MW2 private match mini game guide!

    Hi, im my name is Jaime and i and this thread i will show you all the private match minigames you could play with your friends! Anyways, about... 3(?) months ago i bored so i wanted to join a infected lobby. Looking upon the sea of threads i suddenly saw one thread called Mike Myers Lobby. So i was like ''W...T...F?'' Later i learned that Mike Myers is a minigame in the COD series. But lets start with the most famous ones, then the ones that i personally have invented.

    Michael Myers

    Michael Myers is the without a doubt most popular minigame. I don't know why it is called Michael Myers, but it could be from the fictional slasher film character [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] .


    The point is to survive. You will need atleast 3 players, but it's almost a must to get more players. One player goes on the bottom team while the rest goes to the team on the top. The player that is alone in his team is Michael Myers. He will try to kill all of the other players on the other team. But he can't use any weapons to kill them with. No Snipers, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, light machine guns or riot shield. He will have to knife them.(I don't know the rules for throwing knife, but me and my friends use them)

    The players on the other team is not allowed to kill or knife Michael Myers at all, so they will have to hide. It is usually not allowed with elevators or wallbreaches. Once Michael Myers have killed almost all of them and there is only one player on the other team the last man standing can kill Michael Myers.

    The player who was killed first will be Michael Myers in the next match. Marathon, Lightweight and Commando/Sitrep Pro/ Ninja is recommended.


    Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
    Time: Unlimited.
    Score: Unlimited.
    Lives: 1.
    Spectating: Free (So all of you can see the other players. No cheating!)
    Killstreaks: Disabled.

    Border Patrol

    Border Patrol is originally from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but is now playable in Modern Warfare 2, since the map Overgrown has returned, although you can play it in other maps. I have myself never played it, but i think i know the rules of the game. Please respond if you see anything wrong.


    You will need atleast 3 players, but again, the more the better! Two player will be sniping and they will be placed in the middle of the map with good view of the route.
    The other player/s are supposed to get to the other spawn following an predetermined route/path. The snipers will try to kill the ''Immigrants'' and the ''Immigrants'' are supposed to survive. The ''Immigrants'' can't kill the snipers. Marathon, Lightweight and Ninja is recommended.


    Game Mode: Team Deathmatch.
    Time: Unlimited.
    Score: Unlimited.
    Lives: 1.
    Spectating: Free.
    Killstreaks: Disabled.

    Cops and Robbers

    In this game, there are teams of atleast 2 in each team. Played mostly at terminal, The team that spawns inside are the robbers, while the team that spawns inside are the cops.

    Weapon: Only shotguns. No AA-12
    Attachment: Any except Akimbo on Rangers or on Model 1887s
    Perks: Any

    Weapon: USP.45
    Attachment: Any except akimbo
    Equipment: Throwing Knife
    Perks: Lightweight, Marathon, and Commando are musts.

    Objective: The Objective of this game is to kill all on the other team. but there are some rules.

    Cops: Cops cannot just shoot the Robbers. The only way that cops can kill the robbers it if the robbers provoke them. The cops, if they see a robber, will tell them to turn around and get on the ground. Anything from there is free ground.

    Robbers: Robbers really dont have any rules, besides when cops tell them to get down. They can kill the cops on sight.


    Game Mode: Search And Destroy
    Time: Unlimited.
    Score: Unlimited.
    Lives: 1.
    Spectating: Team
    Killstreaks: Disabled.

    You get a party of about 6 people minimum, 2 people are assassins, 1 person is the president and the others are the secret service.
    The 2 assassins can only use snipers and have to kill the president, the president can use whatever gun they prefer, and the secret service can only use riot shields

    Game Mode: Search and Destroy
    Time: Unlimited
    Score: Unlimited
    Lives: 1
    Spectating: Free
    Killstreaks: Disabled

    I know Black Ops is coming out, but if anyone goes back to MW2 they can play these. Smile

    Re: MW2 | Private Match MiniGames

    Post  GoldenGamingMods on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:01 pm

    I Wann Play

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