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    [Release] Wager Match in Private Match and Kick All in Ranked Match!

    Phantom Mods
    Phantom Mods
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    [Release] Wager Match in Private Match and Kick All in Ranked Match!

    Post  Phantom Mods on Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:29 pm

    Wager Match in Private Match:

    Download Link: LIHR95TA30

    Replace your GPD in Modio and rehash and resign etc.
    Start XboX
    Invite your friends to a Private Match
    Start Match
    Choose Class and Click which ever gametype you want

    dpad up sharpshooter
    dpad down gun
    dpad left sticks and stones
    dpad right one in the chamber

    Bonus Tutorial:
    How to Kick All in Ranked Match!

    Load up my gpd
    then go in to pub and get host
    when your angry at the kids because they are try hards you click dpad up and bammo - they have been kicked and they have lost there xp in that game!

    With xp Mod without gun game WWJB4S7QLG

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