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    Kinect Review Xbox 360


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    Kinect Review Xbox 360 Empty Kinect Review Xbox 360

    Post  Paranormal

    The Kinect for Xbox 360 has brought an all new chapter to gaming. This type of gaming is the first of it’s kind, using no controller but yourself. There are alot of major titles released for the kinect already like: Fighters Uncaged, Sonic Free Ride, The Biggest Loser, and many more.

    Lets start out with some pro’s for the kinect. One of the greatest thing about this product is that it does not require you holding anything, you do all of the movement with your body. The kinect will surpass any Wii gaming experience you have ever had thanks to the camera that picks up your movement like nothing like it before. You can also use your kinect to video chat and voice chat with friends. One great feature of video chat with the kinect is that it follows you if you move and zooms in our out accordingly to how close you are. The kinect has alot of bang, but maybe too much buck.

    So that leads us to the cons. With the staggering price tag of 150 US dollars, may affect how good this product looks. With 150 dollars you could buy a whole wii console included with a remote and game. If you look on the other side of things, you could nearly buy a whole new xbox 360 for that much. Another thing that will put you back on this product is a small room. If you have a small playing space, you might as well leave this product alone. It can follow your body but if your too close it wont even realize your there.

    Overall the Xbox 360 kinect is a very fun product, and will soon lead to some of the funnest gaming out there. There is alot to offer with kinect, but maybe not with the price.

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