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    Black Ops "Zombies" Review


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    Black Ops "Zombies" Review Empty Black Ops "Zombies" Review

    Post  Paranormal

    As many people may know, the Black Ops “Zombies” is a game mode we all wanted to see in Black Ops. With 3 new maps including “Dead Ops” arcade, there are a couple new features in the Zombies game mode. We all know it started in Call Of Duty “World At War” and that is what made that game one of the best. The online was not too good as most have written about in many reviews. But “Black Ops” has a good multi-player experience in all game modes.

    So the first thing I want to go into is the 3 new maps Black Ops has brought to the table, such as “Kino Der Toten” or in other words the “Theater” and there is also “Five” and “Dead Ops” arcade. These maps differ greatly, each map has its own little features and tweaks that make them unique. There is also a map pack that include 4 maps from World At War, not sure if they sell it in the market place but I am certain that it was included in both the “Hardened” and “Prestige” edition of the game.

    The new perks you in the random waves of Zombies such as “Insta Kill” and “Nuke” still exist but there are a couple of new ones as well, such as “Sale” and what this does if retrieved, is makes the box appear in every possible area for only 10 credits/points. This is one of my favorites to get because of those times you need more ammunition or a better gun, it really comes in handy. Other than that, that is the only one that trey arch has added.

    The maps are well balanced and big enough to take waves and waves of zombies. But it does get challenging, the average wave most people get too is “18″ as for me my record stands at “23″ even with all perks and all my guns pack a punched, me and my other two team mates could not take all the zombies.

    But other than what I have talked about, the game mode has the same experience as it did in World At War, and I will be posting some more articles on about this game mode such as full on map reviews, where I will go into each map and detail them, I will also be posting tips on how to survive as many waves as possible. I will also try to get some tutorials up as well so you can get a visual of what I am doing.

    Thank you for reading, and if you can please subscribe to our feed to get updates on all of our black ops and video game reviews via email.

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    Post on Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:33 am  ViralGFX

    Zombie game mode in Black Ops is definitely at it best. With three new maps, the waves will never end! Dead Ops Arcade is like zombies, except you control your character from a bird’s eye view. Zombies come from doors (you have no way to board up these) so you must continually shoot waves of zombies. You must fight for a highscore and you still get powerups (Stronger guns, Nukes, and companions). You may also chose to play online with three other players. New maps will possibly be added in map packs in the future from Call of Duty: World at War.

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