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    How To Make a Pro GFX Post

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    How To Make a Pro GFX Post Empty How To Make a Pro GFX Post

    Post  ViralGFX on Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:31 am

    Tips on how to make a professional GFX Post

    Step 1: Let people know what kind of things you can GFX. For instance; avatars, signatures, gb logos, desktop/youtube backgrounds, banners, ect.

    Step 2: Make a waiting list to show people how long it will take to get them. Try putting an estimated time next to the waiting list names too.

    Step 3: Control your topic. Some topics get spammed with posts which sometimes causes it to be closed & deleted. So if people are starting to have a conversation in your topic let a staff member know what there doing and leave it from there. Trying to solve it yourself may more of likely backfire and have you being banned for a variant time period and your topic becoming closed/deleted.

    Step 4: Don't ask for rep! Asking for rep on GG is highly against rules. Just make people GFX's and out of courtesy people will rep you and thank you for doing this. It's a very good deed for doing this and makes you look like a dedicated member of GG.

    Step 5: Include some vouches of what people say to you like; Awesome work or best GFX I've ever seen.

    Step 6: During your introduction don't include anything that could hurt you or anything that the members of GG can use against you. This forum is for fun an should be kept that way.

    Step 7: Make a fill out the forum so it's easier to read what people want for example

    Step 8: Never underestimate yourself. Your work you do is something you should be proud of. Don't listen to what people say. Do your best and be proud of it.

    Step 9:Make sure you type in a way that makes sense and your dont type lik dis. thats very annoying to read. Aways spell check before you post. And never just post like two sentences in a thread thats called spammed and is against rules.

    Follow these steps and you will end up having a professional GFX post.
    I hope this topic helps you out. Lets all be creativ

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