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    cod4 system link without jtag

    Phantom Mods
    Phantom Mods
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    cod4 system link without jtag Empty cod4 system link without jtag

    Post  Phantom Mods on Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:26 am


    1. Step 1 have your usb put it in your xbox and put your profile on to it

    2. step 2 clear system catche (to do it go to memory press y and click clear system catche)
    must do this of wont work

    3. step 3 put usb into computer and open up modio click the big M and click open device
    and keep clicking intill you get to your profile than extract to destop

    4. step 4 put account in modio drag it in then click view content then replace file 415607E6 with the modded one i provided then rehash resign. put account back to your usb

    5. step 5 put account from usb back to harddrive then start up cod4 dont update once on cod4 go to system link create match you need to controllers for this recover someones account on the second controller the recovered gamer tag shoot your you then that profile gets 2 million points keep doing it intill there what ever prestege they want then there you go they sign in they should be the prestege you did

    Activation : Start button, activated xp mod. Back activates godmode.

    so there you have it thats how to host xp or prestege lobbies

    here are what you need and the modded cod4 gpd

    modded gpd


    thanks guys and enjoy

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