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    Modded Zombie GPD

    Phantom Mods
    Phantom Mods
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    Modded Zombie GPD Empty Modded Zombie GPD

    Post  Phantom Mods on Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:32 pm

    What GPD. Does~
    Dpad up

    •Triple tap when double tap is bought

    •improved juggernaut when bought

    •fast run and walk speeds

    •floating dead zombies

    •super-sized clips

    •mystery box doesn't move

    •gives upgraded ray gun
    *on Five only* it gives the death machine

    Dpad down

    •Kills all zombies (don't use this on the doctor)

    Dpad right

    •Drops weapon

    Dpad left

    •Gives HK21- upgraded and Commando upgraded.





    Right thumbstick

    •Unlimited ammo


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