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    (TUT) How to hotswap your xbox360

    Phantom Mods
    Phantom Mods
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    (TUT) How to hotswap your xbox360

    Post  Phantom Mods on Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:02 pm

    First this is the only way I have found that works on all xbox 360's

    Step 1 -
    First we are going to take off the faceplate. How to do this is easy. Put your thumb in the usb flap at the bottom, and wrap your fingers round the bottom of the console. Now just yank it off. It sounds crazy, but its not.

    Step 2 - This is where you will need the needle. Stand your console up straight. Now were going to remove the ends of your console. On the sides of your console, you will see a number of holes at the top and bottom. A few of these holes are white inside. Now start to poke the needle in the holes around the white ones. You should hear it clicking. It will lift up the ends.

    Step 3 - Now were going to remove the plastic case. At the front of your console(Under the faceplate) There is 4 locks. Your now going to click each one out of place with the needle. Now turn your console to the back. There are 8 little gaps, now click each one out of place with the needle.

    Step 4 - Once this is done, one side of the case will slide off. Now you will see a silver box inside. This is where you need the torx. There are 6 screws you need to take out. There silver, and are slightly larger than the others. Unscrew everyone, and i suggest keeping them in a small plastic bag. Now turn the console over, and slide off the other side of the case. You will now see inside the console.

    Step 5 - You are going to need to take out the diskdrive now. To do this, your going to unplug the 2 cables at the back of the diskdrive. once this is done, just slide the diskdrive out of place. You can now push your console aside for now. Turn your diskdrive over, and use the philips head on the 4 screws to open it up. Take the top of it off, you should be left with the insides of it. Now peel the sticker from the top of the diskdrive off, because you need the magnet. I find the easiest way to get the magnet out, is to hold the black side firmly, and put the needle in one of the small holes on the silver bit, and twist the silver bit left. It should now come apart. Now put the top of the diskdrive somewhere safe, as it is now not needed! Take the 2 bits of the magnet, and now slide them together again.

    Step 6 - Now all you do is plug the diskdrive you have left back into your console. And plug in all the wires to power up your xbox. QUICK NOTE : DON'T EVER PUT A GAME ON THE DISKDRIVE WITHOUT PUTTING THE MAGNET ONTOP OF THE DISK! IT SHOULD JUST SIT ONTOP, STUCK ONTO THE BIT UNDERNEATH THE DISK!

    Step 7 - Now put in your normal disc, once its loaded hit Y. Then highlight install game (don't hit a)

    Step 8 - Take normal disc off drive and replace with modded disc and replace magnet (this must be done quickly). Modded disc should start spinning if it worked. Then hit A install game.

    Now you can play iso disc.

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