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    360 SDK 7645.1

    I Am Programmer
    I Am Programmer
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    360 SDK 7645.1 Empty 360 SDK 7645.1

    Post  I Am Programmer on Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:45 pm

    This SDK is pre-NXE, but it is what FSD was developed with and if you ever wanted to mess around with C++ code for the 360 this is your chance. A few basic tutorials will be available in a few days in the C++ section if the admins don't add a 360 section for tutorials, source codes, and other programming references.

    In order for you to use this you MUST know some C++ if you do not know then there are plenty of guides out there that will teach you.

    Please note that this is a half build...that means that there are some files missing, but it still works.

    Install Microsoft Visual Studio before installing this or you will need to reinstall.

    If you need more information google is your friend.


    Special thanks to TheModdingKrew for giving me the download links.

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