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    [C#] How to make a DLL

    I Am Programmer
    I Am Programmer
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    [C#] How to make a DLL Empty [C#] How to make a DLL

    Post  I Am Programmer on Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:54 pm

    Hey, I Am Programmer here, teaching you how to start constructing a DLL! Just follow this basic tutorial and you will have created your first DLL and be on your way to creating more!
    Step 1: Create a new project:

    [C#] How to make a DLL 5fmfe7

    Make sure it is a Class Library, as that is what a DLL is, a Dynamic Linking Library

    Step 2: Start building your code!
    Okay, after you have started your new project file in Visual C# Express, we are going to start adding our code. I am just going to type up a basic script to show basic method creation:


    public bool isRightTriangle(double leg1, double leg2, double hypotenuse)
    if ((leg1 * leg1) + (leg2 * leg2) == (hypotenuse * hypotenuse))
            return true;
                    return false;

    Now I am going to go and explain this code piece by piece:


    public /*method identifier*/
     bool /*return type (boolean variable (true/false))*/
    double leg1 /*argument 1, double variable*/,
    double leg2 /*argument 2, double variable*/,
    double hypotenuse/*argument 3, double variable*/
    if ((leg1 * leg1) + (leg2 * leg2) == (hypotenuse * hypotenuse)) //this just calculates the pythagoream theorum based on the leg lengths and the hypotenuse length
    return true; //if the triangle is a right triangle, return the boolean value: true
    return false; //otherwise, return the boolean value false

    Make the sense?
    Now if you don’t want the method to return a value, instead of the return type, you would put void, as in void of return.

    Step 3: Renaming
    Your going to want to rename your class name’s so instead of Class1, it’s the name of what you want it to be, if that makes sense O_o
    So your going to change this:

    [C#] How to make a DLL Sy038x
    [C#] How to make a DLL 6f6kbn

    Change both of these like I did.

    Step 4: Compile.
    Just debug the project, you will get this error message:

    [C#] How to make a DLL 61ua6l

    That’s okay though. Your DLL will be produced in your Debug folder within your project folder.

    Step 5:
    Use your new DLL!
    The usage of your DLL will be this:

    YourClassName variableName = new YourClassName();

    And to access the methods of your class, you just put a dot ‘.’ After your variable name and the methods should pop up in visual studio
    And your done!

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