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    Halo Reach | Free Flaming Helmet


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    Halo Reach | Free Flaming Helmet  Empty Halo Reach | Free Flaming Helmet

    Post  Paranormal on Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:41 pm

    If this does not work for you do not come crying to me or whine about it. it has ben confirmed that this works by many members and staff. If it doesnt work for you then you did something wrong sorry about your luck.

    This is the download you will need so just folow the tut and enjoy your flames:

    Here is a Text tutorial

    1. Download the file.

    2. Extract both folders inside the rar

    3. Open your HDD/USB in your program of choice.

    4. Put the "4D53085B" folder inside the "00000000000000 etc..." folder.

    5. Put the E0000314FA661947 folder with all of the other profile folders (root of partition 3 for HDD)

    6. Plug back into 360 and start.

    7. At the dashboard, sign into your main account with 1 controller.

    8. With the other controller, sign into the downloaded account.

    9. Start Reach

    9. Select save device for your account (you should get an error)

    10. Select save device for the downloaded account (you should get an error (maybe 2))

    11. Turn on the effect on your account

    12. Sign out of the downloaded account and turn off controller.

    That should work.

    If you are going to start somewhere, why not here?

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