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    Request Form

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    Request Form Empty Request Form

    Post  ViralGFX on Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:33 am

    The Form
    To make the lives of those filling your request easier, we have provided you with a form. Please copy the form as you see it below into your first post. Then, proceed to fill it out.

    Image Type:
    Image Size: XXXpx by XXpx
    Colors Needed: #XXXXXX, #XXXXXX
    Text on Image:
    Other Text:
    Board URL:
    Font Needed:
    Images to be Used:
    • Image 1 Url
    • Image 2 Url
    • Image 3 Url

    Description[blockquote]Type your description between these blockquote tags.[/blockquote]

    Every field is required. It should all be pretty straight-forward though. Please try to be as exact as you can.

    For "Image Type", be sure that you specify the type of image you are requesting. This includes, but is not limited to: avatar, signature, banner, gradient, head/base image, etc.

    The Rules
    Alright, now for the rules. If you want to request a graphic here, there are some guidelines that you must meet. These are:

    1. You may only make 3 requests per week.

    2. No requests for graphic or design forums!

    3. Only bump once every 24 hours.

    4. Be NICE!

    5. Do not request the same thing at another forum!

    6. Check back!

    If a requester does not check back on his/her thread in 3 weeks, then the thread will be locked.

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