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    Easy FreeBoot 12611


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    Easy FreeBoot 12611 Empty Easy FreeBoot 12611

    Post  Paranormal on Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:30 pm

    Peanut has just finished the gui for Easy FreeBoot for the just released rebooter and has asked me to post it on here for you all

    BUG - DOES NOT WORK ON WINDOWS XP, unsure about Vista, but tested and working on Windows 7

    HOW TO USE: (For all you noobs out there that can't understand how to use a GUI )
    Extract the folder to your desktop
    Open the folder and run EFB.exe
    Click Create image
    Select your original stock nand or backed up 9199 nand image
    Put your cpu key in
    Save to desktop
    Flash the saved image to your jtag's nand

    This program can also patch your SMC if you're using the AUD_CLAMP soldering method, so no more F**king round modding SMCs.

    Download Links:

    This will be cleaned up + a new version released eventually, but this one works just fine

    Have fun

    All credit goes to Sneaky Peanut for Easy FreeBoot tool, whoever created the 12611 rebooter that was released is their credit.

    Megaupload link thanks to ME
    Multiupload link thanks to Trammell
    Hotfile link thanks to o Antonio x

    Download one of the links above and then this files aswell.
    Copy and paste the exe from here into the EFB folder and replace the file there already.

    As far as i know this *should* fix the detection for BB Jaspers and get it to work on Windows XP..
    We need someone to test it out if possible.

    (Credit Goes to Se7ensins)

    Easy FreeBoot 12611 Empty Re: Easy FreeBoot 12611

    Post  GoldenGamingMods on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:14 pm


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