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    Board Policy Empty Board Policy

    Post  Paranormal on Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:31 pm

    Important: Please read this Forum Policy before posting a reply or creating a topic!
    Forum Policy

    1. No Swearing on this forum or disrespecting others. We don't tolerate hasslers here. So don't violate this policy or else you'll be issued a few strikes and if continued then a ban.

    2. Respect Others. Please People, we must get respect from everyone here in this forum especially the clan members. Like in policy #1 we don't tolerate people that like to disrespect others. Remember this is the key - Do your best Do your rights, treat others with respect. We expect people to follow this policy or else its a strike. So don't violate this policy.

    3. No illegal activities or blackmailing = Come on guys, your better than this. We don't blackmail people or talk about anything illegal in this forum. This is a peaceful BS free website. Don't talk about illegal activities such as torrenting stuff online or sending any dangerous attachments to others. I swear if you send a dangerous attachment to any member in the forum then that'll be a utomatic ban from this forum. I suggest you think twice before sending any files or talk about torrenting copyrights or anything. Please don't discuss illegal activities here, it is not permitted. Also, another thing for blackmailing. We don't record any embarrassing thing or reveal any personal info and bring it up in this forum. Thats also a direct ban. If you can't follow this policy then you can just forget about checking in here in the future.

    4. No Spamming. Don't spam in this forum constantly. Your gonna ruin the clan community website if you keep spamming everywhere, thats a strike away from being banned. So watch yourself.

    5. No false accusations or fake false alarms in the forum. You know joking stuff about 911 or saying sexual things is not a joke, so don't even post that crap here or its a consequence. So don't do it.
      Note: We have a right to issue a warning or a temp/perm ban from the forum and chat. These rules apply to the chat as well.

    Quick Note: We can time the ban on how much we want depending on your severity, so the more trouble you cause the more time you'll have on your ban. If you go extremely severe then we can perm ban YOUR ip off the website. Feel free to aim us(Paranormal, AoD GhostGFX) for an apology. But you violate our policies then you can just do the time. Good luck.
    Important Note: If you spot any incorrect or misspeled words in this Forum Policy please PM and Admin with corrected words! THANK YOU.

    Also, only staff members are allowed to start new threads in the Blog. Members are allowed to post comments to the threads but not make there own. Thanks you.

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