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    MW2 | How to fall without taking damage!


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    MW2 | How to fall without taking damage! Empty MW2 | How to fall without taking damage!

    Post  Paranormal on Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:19 pm

    First off, This is the class your going to need:
    Primary: Any
    Secondary: Any
    Equipment: Throwing Knife
    Special Equipment: Any
    Perk 1: Any
    Perk 2: Any
    Perk 3: Any (No Commando Pro)
    Death Streak: Any
    Kill Streak: Any

    As you can see, it's anything you like except for the throwing knife and no Commando Pro.

    Next, Your going to find somewhere high to jump off. The best example to try it out on would be the tower in Rust.
    I know this may sound stupid but.. Your going to jump off your high place at possible risk of death (If not done right)
    Once you have jumped, You are going to fall (Obviously) and hit the ground. However, before you hit the ground, you are going to pull out your throwing knife. You have to time this right, just before you hit the ground, you pull it out Thats What She Said (The Throwing Knife) but don't throw it.
    If you have done it correctly, you will suffer no falling damage or death.

    Basicly how to do it:
    Jump off your high place
    Just as your about to hit the ground, hold the button to pull out your throwing knife

    Again, Do not comment saying this is old as i know it is. Just thought some people wouldnt know about it and now they do.

    Have fun jumping off high places without Commando Pro

    I also just thought of another way:
    Jump off the high place, and don't use your throwing knife
    You will suffer no damage.
    YOu have Commando Pro On.

    I take absolutely no credit for the finding of this trick

    Found By: Spartan237
    all credit goes to him

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