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    How to get different patches onto your jtag


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    How to get different patches onto your jtag Empty How to get different patches onto your jtag

    Post  Paranormal on Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:10 pm

    Ok first you will need two things
    1.A usb flash drive
    2.A patch_mp

    First open your USB drive by going to My computer and then go to the usb device located in my computer
    Then drag the patch_mp and then put it in the usb folder

    Then next turn on your jtag console and go to XeX Menu.
    Go to USB and highlight the patch_mp.
    After you highlight it press Y and go down to copy.
    After you copy there should be a thing in the top screen that says USB/COPY/patch_mp
    When you see that then you know you copied it.
    After that click the right bumper until you find HDD1.
    Then you will want to go to games and look for your MW2 folder and paste the patch_mp
    If it says destination already exists then thats ok.
    After you do that go to your default_mp.xex located in your mw2 folder and click that.
    It should bring you to the multiplayer screen and then you can have fun testing the patch!

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