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    How to Unban Your Jtag


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    How to Unban Your Jtag Empty How to Unban Your Jtag

    Post  Paranormal on Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:31 am

    What your going to do first is put flash 360 onto the root of your usb flash drive!
    Your going to want to click flash 360 in xex menu on your usb device!After this your going to want to backup current nand to file!
    After you backup your current nand your going it should save as flashdmp!

    Now back to your desktop......
    When you go back to your computer you are going to want to drag your flashdmp.bin from your usb flash drive onto your desktop

    Make sure you 360 flash tool downloaded!
    Now your going to want to open up 360 flash tool and open up your flashdmp!
    Make sure you find your CPU key!(eject disk tray before turning on JTAG)
    Now your going to want to enter your CPU key and check off that box!

    Importing the kv!
    Now since you done all this your halfway done..
    Now your going to want to click import!
    Now it should give you and option like this...
    Key Vault
    Extended Keyvault
    Security Data
    Certificate Revocation List
    AP25 Challenge Database
    Config Blocks.

    The only box your going to click on is Key Vault!
    Now open your Keyvault and it should be 16.0kb!No less,no more(if not then you got scammed).

    Patching Your DVD Key!
    Ok next your going to want to patch your dvd key!
    Open the nand image that has your dvd key and copy and paste it into your new image!

    After that its going to ask to save as!
    Your going to save it as updflash!

    Final Steps!
    Your final step is to go back to the jtag!
    Make sure you have your updflash on the usb!
    Then your going to want to go back to flash360.xex!
    Write current image!
    Write without keeping current kv!
    Then press start,start and it should countdown!
    Wait about 10 seconds to turn back on!

    After this you should of successfully unbanned your jtag console

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