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    xex menu usb jtag only

    Phantom Mods
    Phantom Mods
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    xex menu usb jtag only

    Post  Phantom Mods on Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:20 am

    How to Run XEX menu with only a USB drive

    To run XeXmenu from a flash drive on a jtagged xbox with dashboard 9199 and without the use of a burnt CD or a transfer cable.

    -USB Drive(flash drive or external USD drive)
    -USB Xplorer
    -XEX Menu(Live) Download from Xbins
    -Jtagged Xbox with dash 9199

    Extract all RAR and zipped files

    Connect your USB drive to your jtaggex xbox with Freeboot 0.3x(dashboard 9199) Go over to System Settings and then down to memory. A USB drive should appear. Select it and it will ask you if you would like to configure it. Select Configure Now

    Create a folder on your desktop named Content

    Inside that create a folder named 0000000000000000 - That is 16 zeros

    Find your XeXmenu folder that you extracted in the first step. Youll find several folders inside that, you want the one with the LIVE name in it. Several folders deep youll find a folder named C0DE9999-thats C-zero-D-E-9-9-9-9 you will want to copy that folder and paste it into the 0000000000000000 that you created in step 3.

    Plug USB Drive that you had formatted in step 2 into the computer.
    Start USB Xplorer.
    Click File and open Drive.

    Two Partitions will show up, left click on Data Partition
    Right click in the open space on the right and inject folder

    Find the Content folder you saved to your desktop.

    Click ok

    You now have XeXMenu on your flash drive. Now you have no need for a transfer cable! Enjoy!

    Just Plug into your jtag and go to game library. It will be listed there. And remember, you need a jtag for this

    Credit goes to etownlax from 7sins.

    premade nands.
    Ive seen that theres alot of people on here that is having problems making freeboot without there original nand image so i have decided to make the images and releash them here ;D

    FreeBoot For All Motherboards With Dash Launch V1.0 sorry no BB nands yet!

    Xenon (***FIXED**)


    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    BinCrypt2 And Donor KV!

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Heres what you need to do to get the image to work on your xbox

    Download the nand for your motherboard the download bincrypt2.
    Extract both the nand and the bincrypt to the desktop.
    Open bincrypt2 and enter the cpu key for ur board then does this![/li]

    Now Open Your nand For Ur Board like for example Falcon

    Open Your Own Kv Or The Donor Kv I Supplied In the RAR And Click Open


    Your Nand Should Now Be Ready To Be Flashed To Ur S3XB0X

    in case anyone missed these, here are some great patches

    Jasper Big Block MU/NAND Corruption Fix - created by c0z
    fix for 256/512mb users so they can now safely use their internal memory:


    Changes from dash launch 1.0 patch set:
    -Jasper big block machines need only apply
    - fixes flash MU corruption issues

    *note that flash mu is contained in:
    blocks 0x10 thru the end of block 0x15B
    blocks 0x200 to end of NAND

    in small block notation (for nandpro) this is:
    blocks 0x80 thru the end of block 0xAD8
    blocks 0x1000 to end of NAND

    if you update at some point in the future, keep this in mind.



    Unlicensed Content & Ping Limit Remover - created by mojobojo

    This patch to allows the loading of LIVE files (arcade games and such) as full games without having to modify the licenses. All you have to download the arcade game content you want and transfer to your hdd, no modifications to the licenses necessary.

    You must have dashlauch installed
    You must have the 9199 dashboard

    Copy to the root of your HDD like you normally do then reboot your 360.


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