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    *All Codes, PackAPunch Weapon Names* and more *


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    *All Codes, PackAPunch Weapon Names* and more * Empty *All Codes, PackAPunch Weapon Names* and more *

    Post  Paranormal on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:24 pm

    Ok well i have been looking around for some codes for the main menu in Black Ops

    Here are the codes enjoy =]

    Enter "3ARC UNLOCK" to unlock zombie map "Five"

    Enter "3ARC INTEL" then "YES"as a code to unlock all Intel NOTE: when enabled you cannot earn the achievement for finding all intel in Campaign

    Enter "DOA" to unlock the "DEAD OPS ARCADE" after unlocked it can be selected in the "choose map" in zombie menu

    Enter "ZORK" as a code to unlock the Zork (The Great Underground Empire) text-based adventure game

    Enter "HELLO SAILOR" as a code and it unlocks Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (an incredibly great text adventure from 1980)

    Enter "HELP" as a code to display a list of system commands in the terminal and Pentagon user e-mail access

    Enter "CAT [filename]" as a code to open the corresponding file

    Enter "DIR" as a code to display a list of audio files and pictures for use with "CAT" command

    Enter "WHO" as a code to display a list of login names for use with the "RLOGIN" command (requires passwords)

    Enter "FOOBAR" as a code and it gives a strange message ("Fee Fie Foe Foo!")

    Enter "ALICIA" as a code and it loads "Alicia", a virtual therapist

    Enter "RLOGIN DREAMLAND" as a code to Remote login to Dreamland server using username/passwords (see below)

    All Usernames And Passwords

    Login as Bruce Harris - Username: bharris, Password: goskins
    Login as D. King - Username: dking, Password: mfk
    Login as Adrienne Smith - Username: asmith, Password: roxy
    Login as Vannevar Bush - Username: vbush, Password: manhattan
    Login as Frank Woods - Username: fwoods, Password: philly
    Login as Grigori "Greg" Weaver - Username: gweaver, Password: gedeon
    Login as J. Turner - Username: Jturner, Password: condor75
    Login as Jason Hudson - Username: jhudson, Password: bryant1950
    Login as John McCone - Username: jmccone, Password: berkley22
    Login as Joseph Bowman - Username: jbowman, Password: uwd
    Login as John F. Kennedy - Username: jfkennedy, Password: lancer
    Login as Lyndon B. Johnson - Username: lbjohnson, Password: ladybird
    Login as Richard Nixon - Username: rnixon, Password: checkers
    Login as Richard Helms - Username: rhelms, Password: lerosey
    Login as Richard Kain - Username: rkain, Password: sunwu
    Login as Ryan Jackson - Username: rjackson, Password: saintbridget
    Login as T. Walker - Username: twalker, Password: radi0
    Login as Terrance Brooks - Username: tbrooks, Password: lauren
    Login as William Raborn - Username: wraborn, Password: bromlow
    Rlogin to Dreamland as Robert Oppen: Username: roppen, Password: trinity
    Rlogin to Dreamland as Vannevar Bush: Username: vbush, Password: majestic1

    Zombie map "FIVE" secret

    Ok when you start off you will end up in 1 room (4 windows) and a hallway (2 windows). Now walk into the hallway and look for a Table with a red phone on it hold X until you hear the phone go dead. Do this with the other 2 phones and they are: Next to the power switch and the other one is in the Presidential room (you need to activate the 5 defcons) So there is 1 on each floor. After all 3 were successfully activated you will hear some music start to play and the music is "Wont Back Down by Pink and Eminem"

    List of Pack-a-punched Weapons


    M1911 = Mustang & Sally- Becomes dual pistols that fire grenades semi-automatically.

    Python = Cobra- Increased damage, recoil settles more quickly, each cylinder holds twice as many rounds.

    CZ75 = Calamity- Increased damage, becomes full automatic, each mag holds an extra 5 rounds.

    CZ75 Dual Wield = Calamity & Jane- Increased damage, both fire full-auto, both have 20 round mags, 0.5x more spare ammo.

    Sub-Machine Guns

    MPK5 = MP115 Kollider- Bigger Magazine, More Damage.

    AK47u = AK74fu2- Custom Red Dot, Bigger Magazine, More Damage.

    PM63 = Tokyo & Rose- Dual Wield.

    Spectre = Phantom- Increased damage, gets a custom reflex sight, 1.5x mag size, holds more spare ammo.

    MPL = MPL-LF- Bigger Magazine, Custom Red Dot.

    MP40 = The Afterburner- 64 Round Magazine, Slight rate of fire increase, Increased damage.

    Light Machine Guns

    HK21 = H115 Oscillator- Increased damage, each mag holds 25 more rounds, extra 100 spare ammo.

    RPK = R115 Resonator- Increased damage, increased rate of fire, 0.25x extra rounds per mag, 0.25x extra spare rounds.

    Assault Rifles

    M16 = SkullCrusher- Increased damage, gets an underbarrel grenade launcher (has 9 grenades), becomes full-auto.

    M14 = Mnesia- Doubled Magazine, Higher Damage, gains grip.

    Famas = G16-GL35- Gets a custom red dot sight, increased damage, each mag holds 1.5x more ammo.

    Galil = Lemantation- Increased damage, gets a custom red dot sight, almost double spare ammo.

    AUG = AUG-50M3- Increased damage, adds a Masterkey attachment (shotgun, with 6 shells loaded and 30 spare), increased rate of fire, about 1.4x extra spare ammo.

    Commando = Predator- 40 Round magazine, 320 Carried ammo, Dual Mags, Damage Increase.

    FN FAL = EPC WN- Gets a custom red dot sight, increased damage, fires in 3-round bursts, each mag holds 1.5x more ammo, double spare ammo.

    G11 = G115 Generator- Increased damage, fully automatic, scope has no sway any more.


    Olympia = Hades- Higher Power, Longer Range, Incendiary Rounds.

    SPAZ-12 = SPAZ-24- Increased damage, increased rate of fire, faster reload speed (the reload animation loads all 24 shells by only putting in one), holds 3x as many shells, holds 3x more spare ammo.

    HS10 = Typhoid & Mary- Increased damage, becomes dual HS-10s, both reload faster, each holds a couple more rounds than the regular HS-10 and spare ammo becomes a little more than doubled.

    Stakeout = Raid- Bigger Magazine, Reloads 2 Shells at a time, Longer Range, Higher Damage with grip.

    Sniper Rifles

    Dragunov = D115 Disassembler- Increased damage, scope now has variable zoom.

    L96A1 = L115 Isolator- Increased damage, scope now has variable zoom.


    China Lake = China Beach- Increased damage, faster reload speed (the reload animation only requires reloading one grenade and 5 will be loaded), holds 5 rounds, double spare ammo.

    M72 LAW = M72 Anarchy- Increased damage, now holds 10 rockets at once firing semi-auto with 2x spare ammo.

    Special Weapons

    Winters Howl = Winters Fury- Bigger Magazine, Longer Freeze Time, Increased damage.

    Ray Gun = Porters X2 Ray Gun- Damage doubled, Spare ammo increased, Magazine capacity doubled.

    Thundergun = Zeus Cannon- Doubled Magazine, Can Kill More Zombies with One Shot.

    Ballistic Knife = The Krause Refibrillator- Increased damage, now holds 9 spare blades, shooting a downed ally with it will revive them (instant revival upon being hit).

    Crossbow = Awful Lawton- Increased damage, now the rounds fired will attract zombies (just like Monkeys, though these explosive bolts explode a little sooner).

    If you are going to start somewhere, why not here?

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